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What can urgent care diagnose?

“What can urgent care diagnose?” is the first thought. When one gets hurt. And in need of urgent care. An established urgent care clinic – such as United Urgent Care – would be able to significantly save you time. Additionally, it engages resources to treat you fast. Your pain is alleviated. The faster your diagnosis, […]

Where can I get stitches removed in Brampton?

Removing stitches -suture in medical terms- does not cost you in Canada. Get stitches removed for free in Ontario, Canada. In Brampton city the service performs within several urgent care or walk-in clinics.   For instance, at United Urgent Care (UUC) Brampton we remove your stitches while open. For six days a week. You’ll receive […]

Virtual Care Expanding at United

Virtual care has taken a dramatic boost over the past year. Our clinic services cover vital urgent care partly via virtual care. When you’re sick it’s hard to get out of bed. Let alone to leave your place for a medical examination. This is one of the reasons online or telemedicine makes sense. It involves […]

What kind of urgent care services treat at United Urgent Care?

What kind of urgent care services are treated at United Urgent Care? The qualified staff at United Urgent Care (UUC) Brampton performs various services. Some of you would find yourself in a situation to request immediate medical attention. Our clinic offers the services you need promptly.   With good medical treatment. For most frequent, non life-threatening […]

Should I go to an urgent care clinic or ER?

Urgent care clinic Brampton staff treats various illnesses. Apparently your ailments can take the treatment also from the hospital emergency room (ER). Still, while not overloading the ER, what is your decision? When should you go to the urgent care and when to the emergency room? At first, it may confuse you. Let’s take a […]

When to go to urgent care

When to go to urgent care might be a difficult choice. You got hurt, or have a flu. You fell, and your knee doesn’t feel right. Or it’s late evening. And your medical doctor’s office is closed. It’s not easy to determine when to go to urgent care. You’re pressed by time. However, your injury […]

Walk in clinic opening hours

Are you in need or Urgent Medical Care and need to know which walk in clinics open today? In Brampton at the United Urgent Care walk-in clinic we aim to give value to our patients. Initially, the centre has stayed open late all days except Sundays and holidays. In addition, the medical staff at the […]

Walk-in Clinic Brampton Location Now Open

The walk-in clinic Brampton location has opened and awaits our patients. However, now patients must call in before arriving at the clinic. Due to covid-19, this is a precautionary measure. In addition, you should note that severe and life threatening injuries and sickness may require your immediate hospitalization. Call 911 or go to the nearest […]