Hay Fever

Another name for hay fever is nasal allergies or allergic rhinitis. And how do you know if you have it? It starts immediately when exposed to certain substances. Here are some hay fever symptoms: runny nose, cough, nasal congestion, sneezing, sinus pain, sinus pressure, watery, itchy or red eyes, itchy throat, nose or ears. You could also lose your smell, have a headache, or an earache.

Hay fever may be caused by any outdoor or indoor exposure to various allergens. Dust, pollen, mold, tiny flakes of skin or fur, or feathers from animals.

How long does hay fever last?

It lasts long, typically weeks. You retain it after your exposure to the allergens. If you don’t treat it, the ailment can become chronic, for months. Therefore, the best way is to prevent it. The procedures are easy and fast. For example, an unguent around your nostrils prevents pollen from coming into your body. Wrap around fitover glasses to keep pollen away from your eyes. Or dust off your clothes and living environment frequently. If you contract the condition, treatments vary. They could be following a certain diet. Include ginger, garlic, beeswax, honey, and fish oils.


Moreover, you’ll find a strong antioxidant in nature. Such as the chamomile plant for your eyes, or the tulsi for your throat. At the pharmacy, the hay fever treatment contains antihistamine brands. They stop the development of histamines released by your body exposed to allergens. Still not sure what to do? Contact our medical staff.

Common Cold or Allergies? How to Really Know the Difference

How to tell the difference between a cold and allergies is not quite easy. However, you could go by a few clear signs. And separate the reactions while learning what you’re dealing with every moment.


For instance looking at allergies vs cold, how long do allergies last? You’ll pay attention to your surroundings. Being aware of what’s around you definitely helps. A few examples of allergens: black peppercorn, chemical detergent, pollen, mildew, dust, nuts, soy, etc. Notice that allergies last as long as the specific substances are nearby. A cold, on the other hand, lasts a few days. Some may take more days to heal. Also, you’re probably having allergies if you experienced them during the same time last year. And when you ask “Do I have allergies?” An important aspect of allergies are your eyes’ reactions. For example, do you feel the urge of unending rubbing your eyes? Or you have red, watery eyes.


Meanwhile, unique symptoms of a cold will 

Guide you to tell the difference between a cold and allergies

 You have allergies in all cases experiencing sore throat. Sore throat will manifest before all other symptoms. And it develops into an itchy sensation with difficult, painful swallowing.


Albeit, common symptoms exist between the cold and allergies. They could be: runny nose, cough, stuffy nose. However, attend to the above notes. And you’ll be able to tell the difference between a cold and allergies.

3 Essential Things You Need to Know About Frostbite This Winter

What you need to know about frostbite? Without doubt it appears in winter, in cold climates. It produces damage to tissue and skin. Due to your body exposure to lower temperatures, below zero Centigrades.


What does frostbite look like?


Firstly, you should spot the symptoms of frostbite quickly:

Cold skin and prickling, tingling feeling; waxy-looking becoming hard skin.

Numbness of your parts of body is affected. Muscle and joint stiffness

Your skin takes other colours: red, white, bluish or others. Not your normal skin colour.


Secondly, what you need to know about frostbite: it has three stages.

  1. Numbness of your extremities: nose, ears, fingers, toes.
  2. More tissue damage while expanding your exposure to cold.
  3. Urgent medical attention is required. Damage to your skin increases in the deep frostbite. Why does frostbite turn black? It’s likely to manifest to your tendons, nerves and muscles. As the advanced stage of frostbite persists, your cold skin tissue feels hard.


Lastly, what you need to know about frostbite: some people are more likely to get frostbite. Usually, those who have activities outdoors in the cold. Also, the very young and the very old as they may lack normal blood regulation. Or people with blood circulation problems, or those prone to causing damage to blood vessels. In addition, people who take medicine that constricts the blood vessels may experience frostbite faster.

How to Stay Healthy When the Weather Changes

How to Stay Healthy When the Weather Changes

It’s a delicate job for everyone to keep healthy. Moreover, it’s critical to know how to stay healthy. Typically, when the weather changes. And when the climate undergoes dramatic shifts within a few hours.  So, you want to stay healthy? Let’s take a look at ways to keep you so.

How to Stay Healthy When the Weather Changes: 8 beneficial tips  

  • Follow a healthy balanced diet every day.
  • Indulge yourself in lots of healthy drinks. Have water and beverages.
  • Sanitize and clean: hands, and face regular cleaning. Keep germs away from others when coughing or sneezing.
  • Proper rest is another important tip. How to stay healthy when the weather changes, partly depends on it.
  • Exercise. And your body will respond better to temperature differences. Besides, even twenty minutes a day makes a difference.
  • Dress in anticipation of the weather. An easier way is using layers. Practically, you take layers off when warm. Furthermore, you put on layers when colder.
  • Last, but not least, get regular medical treatments to keep healthy. For instance, the well-known flu shots. They help you build the right immune system. In a changing weather flu shots prove beneficial. 

And they are only some of the ways. Firstly, you’ll see a possibility to keep healthy. Secondly, you find the proper means, also from the above tips. Thirdly, you apply the way as you see fit to your specifics. It’s in a nutshell how to stay healthy when the weather changes. You know about other tips? Feel free to tell us.

What can urgent care diagnose?

“What can urgent care diagnose?” is the first thought. When one gets hurt. And in need of urgent care. An established urgent care clinic – such as United Urgent Care – would be able to significantly save you time. Additionally, it engages resources to treat you fast. Your pain is alleviated. The faster your diagnosis, the better your health. The urgent care professional takes tests to evaluate your health. In this respect, let’s take a look at some of these tests.


– Flu sickness. Go to the doctor quickly. Urgent care staff apply efficient flu-screening and diagnosis to treat you.


– Blood tests and blood pressure, hypertension. Accordingly, patients get the adequate treatment in time.


– Bladder and urinal testing. It’s another test, a cause of the most urgent care diagnoses. Results are used to detect various health conditions. They are urinary tract infections, kidney issues, and pregnancy. Even drug (ab)use.


There are also tests for specific bacteria. Your throat could be aching for a while. Strep tests are commonly used to detect throat bacteria. Moreover, the qualified staff provides the strep throat examination quickly.


Positively, other medical conditions are diagnosed at our clinic. They are non life-threatening illnesses. Among them: coughs, colds, minor fractures, minor lacerations our urgent care medical staff diagnose. Furthermore, at “Services,” at United Urgent Care website you’ll see more of what can urgent care diagnose.

Where can I get stitches removed in Brampton?

Removing stitches -suture in medical terms- does not cost you in Canada. Get stitches removed for free in Ontario, Canada. In Brampton city the service performs within several urgent care or walk-in clinics.


For instance, at United Urgent Care (UUC) Brampton we remove your stitches while open. For six days a week. You’ll receive the treatment through emergency-trained doctors. Other healthcare professionals can help you at our urgent care centre. You get the right treatment, fast, quality-driven.


Moreover, the centre has a walk-in clinic. If you ask yourself “can I get stitches removed at a walk-in clinic?” Affirmative, our clinic competent medical staff perform this service.


It may happen at another clinic you got stitches for your minor injury. Then, it’s time to remove them. And you are far from the other clinic. United Urgent Care Brampton is the clinic near you. Consequently, you should take care and complete treatment for your injury at UUC.


Because what happens if stitches are not removed? You may forget and not remove them on time. Therefore, your skin can grow around the stitches. And when removed, infections may appear. On that account, if you get stitches at our clinic, staff may follow up. It certainly depends on the case.


And does removing stitches hurt? Usually, the removal could go smoothly. Afterwards, the care of your skin also depends on the doctor’s advice. Our urgent care centre provides the services to get stitches removed with competence and care.

Virtual Care Expanding at United

Virtual care has taken a dramatic boost over the past year. Our clinic services cover vital urgent care partly via virtual care. When you’re sick it’s hard to get out of bed. Let alone to leave your place for a medical examination. This is one of the reasons online or telemedicine makes sense. It involves the use of technology to provide urgent care. For instance, medical staff can treat common physical injuries, or aches  online. They can also treat your pains over the phone. Consequently, lots of

Benefits come with providing virtual care.

Let’s check them out!

  • Patients conveniently access the medical services from home.
  • Patients have faster medical service and treatments. Doctors and medical staff answering the calls can be at any location.
  • Patients have prompt medical care at extended times. Late evenings, during the weekends or holidays.
  • Not stressed out by time, patients and caregivers approach the virtual visit more relaxed.
  • Minimizes loss of time. Vital urgent care is faster when booking your online appointments.
  • Similarly, when you book over for the phone. Waiting times in the clinic rooms decline. As well, patients save the time otherwise spent on the roads.
  • It’s a simple process. Book, get on the call or online. And you receive examination and treatment.

Furthermore, virtual medical visits boost in 2020. From 4% to over 60% as per Canada Health Infoway. The not-for-profit Canada Health Infoway works to accelerate digital solutions in virtual care.

What kind of urgent care services treat at United Urgent Care?

What kind of urgent care services are treated at United Urgent Care? The qualified staff at United Urgent Care (UUC) Brampton performs various services. Some of you would find yourself in a situation to request immediate medical attention. Our clinic offers the services you need promptly.  

With good medical treatment. For most frequent, non life-threatening diseases at our clinic services.

Part of these services refer to bone injuries. We treat conditions such as fractures. When such an injury affects your body, you do X rays. Competent, highly qualified doctors recommend the practical X rays examination. It comes to your aid while we diagnose your condition. Consequently, you receive better treatment.

We proudly do urgent care services to better your health. Their benefits show in your treatments. The results of the treatments impact your life. Here are some of the benefits:

 You’ll find faster treatment for ailments requiring immediate attention.

 You get competent medical advice when you need it

 A short trip to the UUC medical clinic near you. It’s not necessary to spend time going to the hospital.

 Take advantage of uncrowded waiting rooms. We work hard to minimize your time outside the actual consultation.

By now it has become clear to you when to get urgent healthcare. Our clinic provides services on the spot. Your ailments, though milder, require urgent treatment. Otherwise, the disease spreads and makes you uncomfortable. These are some of the reasons to do urgent care.

When to go to urgent care

When to go to urgent care might be a difficult choice. You got hurt, or have a flu. You fell, and your knee doesn’t feel right. Or it’s late evening. And your medical doctor’s office is closed. It’s not easy to determine when to go to urgent care. You’re pressed by time. However, your injury is not life-threatening. You also require immediate medical attention. Therefore, you may search the internet ‘urgent care near me.’

Should you live in the North-West GTA you could also search for ‘urgent care Brampton’

After you find our urgent care clinic you might ask yourself: will I be turned away? Below are some common reasons you’d choose an urgent care clinic:

– most bleeding (lacerations)

– flu, cold symptoms, muscle strain, chest congestion, infection

– you’ve hurt a limb, or other body part, but it’s not life-threatening

– your injury or pain, such as chest pain is from a workout

– your doctor’s office is closed

– some emergencies are handled only by the hospitals ER, such as: severe pain, severe bleeding, poisoning, loss of consciousness, suspected overdose, shortness of breath, head trauma, loss of vision, severe migraines

– examined by qualified medical staff with proper equipment

– no appointment needed

– your waiting time is minimum

– you’re not sure if the hospital emergency room will turn you away

– you’re not sure if your pain is minor or more intense


They represent the most cases patients visit an urgent care clinic. They could also help you decide when to go to urgent care.

Walk in clinic opening hours

Are you in need or Urgent Medical Care and need to know which walk in clinics open today? In Brampton at the United Urgent Care walk-in clinic we aim to give value to our patients. Initially, the centre has stayed open late all days except Sundays and holidays. In addition, the medical staff at the centre performs a diversity of urgent medical services.

However, along with the covid-19 safety measures, we temporarily operate on a reduced schedule. Despite it, the patients’ health are without doubt the focus of our walk-in clinic priorities.

Your search for ‘are walk in clinics open today’ may show it’s open. Every day except Sundays and holidays. Moreover, visitors keep inquiring on the schedule. For instance, are there any walkin clinics open right now? You’ll get answers to this question. Thanks to your inquiries on walk in clinics opening hours show the relevant schedules.

During the days – currently from mid mornings to mid afternoons – we offer intensive urgent care. Quality medical care for our patients is paramount at the United Urgent Care Brampton. We deliver treatments for conditions of health emergencies in these unparalleled times. After all, we also perform numerous medical treatments at the walk in clinic.

Consequently, count on us for your medical treatments. Check upon walk in clinic hours at Airport & Braydon in Brampton. You’ll also find out at what time the walk in clinic closes.


Walk in clinic hours


Looking to learn the exact time that’s updated on our site? Furthermore, you’d want to determine when to visit the clinic? You choose your visit based on your condition. And your availability. Your search on ‘are walk in clinics open today’ could reveal United Urgent Care walk in clinic.


Check our hours of operations to book your appointment now