Virtual Care Expanding at United

August 30, 2021
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Virtual care has taken a dramatic boost over the past year. Our clinic services cover vital urgent care partly via virtual care. When you’re sick it’s hard to get out of bed. Let alone to leave your place for a medical examination. This is one of the reasons online or telemedicine makes sense. It involves the use of technology to provide urgent care. For instance, medical staff can treat common physical injuries, or aches  online. They can also treat your pains over the phone. Consequently, lots of

Benefits come with providing virtual care.

Let’s check them out!

  • Patients conveniently access the medical services from home.
  • Patients have faster medical service and treatments. Doctors and medical staff answering the calls can be at any location.
  • Patients have prompt medical care at extended times. Late evenings, during the weekends or holidays.
  • Not stressed out by time, patients and caregivers approach the virtual visit more relaxed.
  • Minimizes loss of time. Vital urgent care is faster when booking your online appointments.
  • Similarly, when you book over for the phone. Waiting times in the clinic rooms decline. As well, patients save the time otherwise spent on the roads.
  • It’s a simple process. Book, get on the call or online. And you receive examination and treatment.

Furthermore, virtual medical visits boost in 2020. From 4% to over 60% as per Canada Health Infoway. The not-for-profit Canada Health Infoway works to accelerate digital solutions in virtual care.